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Originally Posted by Ritho View Post
I am missed that you had said that in the first post. The reason you can't delete the directory is either because it is still in use by running processes, or because Emisoft is employing termination protection measures. (many security softwares do this to prevent malware from shutting them down.)

You may have to use the uninstall tools in windows safe mode to get them to work. If you need help doing so, please ask.
Thanks Ritho.

I did a short Web search yesterday about the Windows\prefetch folder and while doing this I checked the contents of the folder on my system. While I believe to have disabled Emsisoft Anti-Malware as a Windows start-up, there were still two or three prefetch files for EAM and one was the a2service one, which runs as a2service.exe. It wasn't running anymore as a startup or otherwise, but the prefetch file was still in the folder for prefetches.

So I wonder if the mere presence of these EAM prefetch files might be what was blocking the deletion of the EAM install directory or folder. It didn't seem to do any good with the unins000.msg file being missing error even after I had placed a copy in the EAM folder though.

I'll try with booting Windows in safe mode. It had crossed my mind, but I have never had to boot into Windows safe mode in order to uninstall any applications in the past; unless the uninstall instructions for some application explicitly said that Windows safe mode was necessary. I don't recall ever having had that situation, but will give safe mode a try for trying to uninstall EAM.
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