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Originally Posted by Ritho View Post
Revo should be able to remove the uninstall even if it is broken. Its been awhile since I used it, but there is something called the hunter mode, or a way to have Revo search for files and registry entries associated with a program, and gives you the choice to remove them.

You could also try this uninstaller.
I'll give Revo another try, because of not having tried the Hunter mode. I downloaded Absolute Uninstaller after seeing a positive CNET editor or staff review for it, and also downloaded the last free version of Total Uninstall, Safarp, and Brute Force Uninstaller.

One of those might work, but since I'm not permitted, by the system, to delete the Emsisoft Anti-Malware install directory, I wonder if any of these uninstallers will be able to delete this folder. They'll be able to delete contents, some of the contents anyway, of the folder, since I can delete some, but can't delete the folder.

Perhaps using Unlocker on the folder will be part of the solution.
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