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Thought I should finish this off by letting you know what I eventually ended up doing.

I purchased a Western Digital 320GB ext HDD (I chose this over Seagate based on this link (a 2010 study of HDDs which gave WD a pretty good rating).,2681.html

To setup my HDD I used Paragaon (free) which was easy to use and did allow me to implement all of the ROTs that I researched. I have the HDD working on my W7 system. I could not find a separate Paragon Alignment Tool (free), but the setup in the base tool did provide alignment options. I restored to make sure all was working and it too was a simple process and worked without errors. I am using an 5 year old HP PMD 500GB HDD to backup my Linux system (works on 512b sectors ... did not want to go with a new unit here).

Thank you to everyone who provided suggestions. I followed up on all of them.
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