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Hello Vasa1/Anupam, I notice you guys always having issues about updating
Firefox every time a update is available. Honestly I can not understands why
since, on my end, its always easy and it does not matter how I choose to do
the update. Almost always I use the updater from within the browser and it
has always worked perfectly, never a issue. The couple of times that I have
done clean installs, it has also been perfect
Anupam,like you I don't update automatically but I let FF inform me when
there is an update available and then I do it after making sure that
the update does not create problems with Sandboxie. Updating like that
only takes about a minute or so and its been perfect every time.
Vasa1, my good friend, maybe next time just do a over the top installation.
I have done it on my PC and a few times on some of my friends who had
old versions and it has always worked perfectly.
Basically what I am trying to say is that you guys should not be having
trouble updating, it should be easy and maybe next time just try doing it
in a easier way than the way you do it now.

Cheers to both of you
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