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Opera: My Story - an update

It's very poor with bookmarks compared to Firefox, but the speed dial feature partly compensates for that. It needs the speed dial otherwise it'd be a dead loss.

It can't handle passwords at all. It recognises about one site in ten and fills the user/pass. I'm going to need a password manager, something unnecessary on K-Meleon as it is so slick with that. And unfortunately it looks as if Roboform won't integrate so I'll have to find something else. Bummer.

It also has a major security bug in the password manager, where it doesn't prevent a site login even when you set a master password. The master password window correctly pops up on the first session instance - but it doesn't stop the site login taking place in the background.

Really fast browsing.

The JS engine is supersonic.

It doesn't suffer from Total Tab Paralysis like Ffx and K-M, where if a site in one tab locks up, every other tab is locked and the whole browser jammed up. It even passes The Daily Telegraph megacrap site test. Unbelievably good in this respect.

The cons, a bunch of weird bugs that should have been fixed long ago, seem to indicate that this browser is run and tested on the latest Windows OSs, which automatically compensate for shortcomings in the browser's operational deficiencies and security. Run it on a simple old Windows OS and some holes appear. Strange.
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