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Well, I'm on Opera now and I like it. Tried it a long time back but didn't like it, it did everything so differently.

Opera's JS engine is very fast, at least 10 x faster than the prehistoric engine on K-Meleon. Also it scores an instant 100 on the Acid3 test. The Bookmarks management is terribly clunky compared to Firefox - but so is most every other browser's. It has a longish bootup time but less than Ffx I think (at least with no plugins anyway). Has some neat features like the way you can save on vertical space, which is useful. I'm still finding the idiosyncracies that every app has. For example on K-Meleon it is the slow JS, the occasional page crash due to unusual CSS interpretation, and the totally screwed favicon management, which is luckily just a 'fun feature' as getting something so simple right luckily isn't vital, just funny when it gets it so wrong.

So far all I've found, apart from the poor bookmarks arrangements, are that it doesn't seem to handle passwords too well. But maybe there's a secret to be found there.

So I'll stick with Opera. I love the speed, hate the clunky bookmarks setup, but I can live with that. Won't install any plugins, in order to keep the speed - will use Ffx for jobs that need those (Firebug etc).

Problem solved
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