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I use W2K because it's so fast and simple compared to everything since. For work use I have no need of an OS that installs at 1GB or 3GB or whatever. None of it is any use to me and it just slows me down. As I say, a simple Linux distro would be just fine except it won't run my Windows apps (which all run on simple old Win OSs).

It's also why I use K-Meleon, it's so fast compared to Ffx etc. I don't have any extensions on K-M. I use Ffx if there is some tool I need like Firebug, as things like that are priceless and very hard to do without.

The problem with K-M now is that (a) its Javascript implementation is crippled and dead slow, like Internet Explorer, which is a bit of a deal-breaker for web pros. For example when working with CMS backends it just fails totally sometimes, which is no good as you can imagine. And (b) many of the new online apps are giving up support for it - Google apps, Google Calendar for example.

The trouble is, this is a break point in the web cycle, which churns every 18 or 24 months, and things are different after that point. Hard to see at the time but easily visible with hindsight. Many of the old apps are on the way out now, lots of big changes have happened. For example a modern CMS with a modern template system has a backend running on JS that allows you as much freedom as an HTML page - do anything anywhere however you want it, basically - but you need a modern, fast JS browser to manage it with. If you run K-M on any of the many JS benchmarks it takes 6 minutes to do what Ffx can do in 30 seconds.
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