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Originally Posted by 26Dolphins View Post
Glad that the initial issue has been resolved.
But for anyone interested, ghacks posted links to some Firefox custom builds over a year ago. Most of them are being actively supported (it's easy to tell). A search may turn up a few more.
Are you talking about my initial issue?

I went to that site by ghacks, and didn't really understand it. It seems to promote something, "custom builds," then quickly acknowledges the fact that these custom builds may contain "malicious code." Not a ringing endorsement even if I did understand little but this.

Do you know how I can get my computer back to looking normal? Changing display settings wasn't the fix I'm looking for. From what I've gleaned, i.e., Googled, my computer only looks like it's in safe mode, and probably isn't.

Nearly everything is white, and very two dimensional looking. But everything is the right size, as opposed to the larger safe mode look.
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