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Originally Posted by Jay F View Post
I am having FF load very slowly, too, so I tried doing this. But I thought when you said "Try Safe Mode," you meant Windows' safe mode, so I did F8s, which led me nowhere. I had no idea FF had its own safe mode.

Then, I tried to do what you said, only after summoning FF's safe mode. For whatever reason, my desktop still looks as if it's in semi-safe mode. The bottom bar is gray, like in previous editions of windows (I'm using Vista 32 Home Fabulous version). Lots of things are white that should be in color. When I check "Disable all add-ons" and "Reset toolbars and controls," and click, I get (Not Responding). I've tried it over and over, and it just keeps doing that.

I am truly unhappy. Can someone help me, please?

It seems possible that Norton was causing Firefox to load slowly when I turned on the computer. But now I'm stuck in what looks like Safe Mode. The bottom bar is white instead of blue (I have Vista), and most pages are mostly white.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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