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Backing up data on DVDs is a good idea as suggested by Ritho. For 16 GB, it will take only 4-5 DVDs, and your data will be stored safely with you. Further, DVDs are also cheap these days.

As Sope said, I too think that uploading 16 GB of data online can be a big task. Even if the internet speed is good, but still 16 GB is a lot of data to be stored online. I would also be interested in knowing the details, if you do decide to go that way.

If you indeed decide to store the data online, I would advise finding out full information about the site that you intend to use. Some sites which offer free storage, do not impose much limit on the upload, but they impose limit on downloading of those files.

I had come across an online storage, which offered 1 GB of free storage, but to download the data back, the limit was only some MBs per month. So, such a service is pretty much useless, if your main purpose is to restore your data back to your computer. So, be careful about this thing, and research fully on the various features, and limitations that the site is offering.
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