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Default ChromePlus support

Does ChromePlus have a support forum anywhere?

My preferred browser K-Meleon isn't properly supported / updated any longer and in any case the JavaScript implementation is too slow now. I want to change to a slim, fast browser that has a modern JS implementation. I also use Firefox of course but with the plugins it's a dog compared to K-Meleon and I assume Chrome.

Chrome is out because of the privacy issues for me, so Sware Iron or ChromePlus would probably do the job - slim, fast, and most likely a modern JS install. But here is problem #1: I also use Windows 2000 because it's so fast compared to the modern Windows OSs, and neither Iron nor ChromePlus will install on it.

I'd like to see if I can find a fix for that, which needs forum access. Iron has a German language forum, but there is some problem with registration that I can't get past. ChromePlus doesn't seem to have a forum on their site, is there one somewhere else?

If not can we start one here MC?
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