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I now have the response from Sisma :

The options of the portable version of Sisma are currently not retained
indeed. They are retained in the installable version. We will change
that in a future release of Sisma.
So, basically, this is what you already found out by yourself.

I have asked them, how soon the new version will be released. I will post the reply once I receive it.

About startup with Windows, you can put the shortcut in the startup folder, and the program should start at boot. I don't think the software will allow you to have a blank master password. These software are to provide you security for passwords, which are very personal information. Imagine anyone else getting hold of your password list. That's why they will ask for password on startup, and also won't allow a blank master password.

Yes, I understand your requirements that you do not require any such features, but requirements such as yours are special cases. In most of the cases, these security features are required, and without these the software would not have any reason to exist at all.

If these requirements do not suit you, then you should go for a small database program, where you can create your own fields, and enter the values.

Its good that you liked Sisma. If you have feature requests for the product, you should write to them. I think they will appreciate the feedback. Or, if you want me to convey to them, I can do that.

Their support email is support [AT]
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