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Okay, I picked one.

I am using "Sisma". Mainly because it has lots of fields that I can use and it's pretty simple. The passwords are still hidden, but it's got the little "Copy" button next to each field, so I can just click that and then paste it in.

The only problems with the software are as follows:

1) It doesn't have any option to start with Windows and thus, no option to minimize on startup.

2) You can't enter the software without using a master password, but most of them are like that.

3) There's no hotkey setup, to bring the software up, if you do run it and minimize it.

4) There are two sets of options. The options in "TOOLS >> OPTIONS" do not stick when you set them. Exit the software and reload it and they're back to the defaults. I know this isn't an issue with the program being able to save data, since it does save the changes I make to the database just fine.

I am wondering if the problem with the options not sticking, is due to me running the Zipped version (which is like a portable version, in that you just make a folder, drop the program's files into it and make a shortcut to it and run it) instead of the "Install" version, which I'm sure writes some entries into the registry.

But then again, I tend to dismiss that idea, because the other option set, found at: "DATABASE >> DATABASE SETTINGS" accepts the changes just fine and retains the changes.

But then again, maybe what I said is the problem, because maybe the "database" options are part of the database, which saves as a separate file from some configuration file that the program saves its own "program" options to and by the way, when I look in the folder, the only "saved" file I see, is the database, so maybe it isn't able to save the "program" options, due to it not being the "Windows Install" version of the program. But then how would it work in a portable setting, you know?

Anyway, I'm rambling now. If anyone has any ideas, or has run into this and knows what the issue actually is, then please let me know. I would appreciate it greatly!
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