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I checked out KeePass. You are right... it does not gives you the option to show the password in plain text permanently. But, I think that is a good security feature. And why would u want to know the password all the time anyway. The program stores it, and you just have to copy it, to use it. The copy will work, even if the password shows in asterisks. And, if you do need to see the password, in case you forget it, its always easy to just go to "edit", and then see the password. I actually liked the feature, as it offers security.

I too have a long list of usernames and passwords for different sites, IMs etc, and its quite difficult to remember all the passwords. I too wanted a software for just storing the passwords securely, without the need to autofill the web forms. So, I had checked out a lot of free password managers. Many of them were outdated, and not developed anymore. I was also looking for software which would let me store some extra information like comments about the entry. So, I had narrowed my choices down to 3-4 choices. Sisma and Era were the two. But, I think KeePass is quite good.

I have yet to use these out extensively though, because I had just chosen the software I wanted to use. The actual use would be when I put the entries into them. I have putting it off, because its a long list, and it would take time to key in the entries.
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