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Hi GiantWaffle, welcome to the forum . Thanks a lot for accepting the request and posting this here. Now, this topic can be discussed in detail here, and others can also contribute to it, and things will be organized.

After having conversation with you in the comments section, I tried out Flybit Password Keeper. I was quite disappointed by it. I found that the program was not intuitive at all.

I created a database and gave location to it. I chose a master password, and I added an entry to the database. I saved and closed the software. When I again tried to open the same database, I was unable to. Even if I select the database, it does not appear in the list, and I cannot open it. Earlier, I thought this was happening because at first I had only created the database, but not added any entries. But, I just made an entry, and even then I am not able to load the database. So, for me, the program fails at the start only.

For adding entries too, the software is not intuitive. It uses strange terms for adding entries etc. Any person who is not familiar with these terms will be easily confused. Even I was not able to figure out for a while, how to add entries. I was able to create a new item under the given groups. But, when I wanted to add any entries to the item, I was not able to find anything on the toolbox or the menu. Then I right clicked the item, and there was the option... not intuitive.

For adding entries too, different fields are given in a drop down list like password, user ID, URL etc. Its tedious to choose an entry every time. I disliked that. Maybe its just my choice that I do not like it.

I am not pleased with the software, and don't intend to use it.
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