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Sorry about that, I never checked AutoStreamer again and I was trying to save you making extra CD's.

You need to start with your original SP1 CD.

Make sure that the SP3 file that you downloaded is the one I gave you the link for yesterday.
If it is, OK, if not you need to download the one from the link.

If you need to download a new SP3 file because you had a different one slipstream the new SP3 file with your SP1 CD and check the size of the resulting ISO, it should be about 60MB larger than the one you previously made.
If the size looks right burn it to CD and check the list of contents.

If you already had the correct SP3 file you need to use the SP1 CD and slipstream it with the SP2 file, burn that to CD and then slipstream the new SP2 CD with the correct SP3 file, once again check the size and after burning check the contents.

The I386 folder for SP3 is well in excess of 500MB.

One or other of these options should give you a working SP3 CD.
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