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Hi to everyone here

I use Free download manager as it is the only one that can monitor from Iron browser. It is reasonably fast: from fast websites, it downloads at 75% of my internet download speed, which is good enough for me. I have also used gigaget, it is a tad bit faster for it finds lots of mirrors, but I found a little bug in it. It will not download if it finds no mirrors, it refuses to download just from the original website. So not using it anymore.

On the same note, IEpro add on for internet explorer has an excellent little download manager called MiniDM. It is actually quite impressive, as fast as gigaget for me. And no bells and whistles, just download, stop, resume in a clean interface. I'm using it more and more to monitor and download from the clipboard. It can be started up without Internet Explorer. Wish they would release it on its own. Does anyone know of any similar simple download managers without the drop baskets or other extras?
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