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If the slipstreaming of the CD went as it should I can only see 2 options:
1. Your system is so badly corrupted that it is preventing SFC from running.
2. There is something wrong with your SP3 installation.

Forgive me for asking obvious questions but:
Are you sure that it is the new CD (the slipstreamed one) that you are using?
If you insert it when the computer is running shut any window that opens and go to My Computer and double click on the CD drive it should show the following:


(If it is the SP1 CD it will not have the last 2 files.)

On mine it is showing as 589MB.

If that is what it shows on yours then we are left with the 2 options I mentioned before, reinstalling SP3 (just the service pack) or a Repair Install, the first being the easiest.

If you look back to post 27 on this thread follow the instructions I gave you about the SP3 file you downloaded, even though you can now keep the computer running in Normal Mode I would suggest trying the installation in Safe Mode first, only try it in Normal Mode if that fails.

I would strongly suggest that before you do anything you create a backup image of the system.
If you do not already have an imaging program (with a bootable CD) have a look HERE, the Paragon program he recommends is the best bet as it has a bootable CD which you would need in the event the computer becomes unbootable, and I would copy the image to your external drive.

This is just an afterthought but I am puzzled about the error messages you got about the CD?
You said that the first message said the installed version of SP3 was newer than the one on the CD, but there is only one version of SP3.
You would get that message if you inserted your SP1 CD though.
Double check the CD again to be absolutely certain you are using the right one.
When you are absolutely certain try SFC one more time and if it fails again try to install the service pack.

I cannot suggest anything more today but I will be back tomorrow.
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