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Having just read through this thread I would like to contribute a few comments.

To start with the recommendation for Seagate is well founded as 4 out of 5 hard drives I have on 2 computers are made by them and I have never had any problems.
Also Seagate do a free program called Disk Wizard which is based on an older version of Acronis True Image, it does not do everything the later versions do but it works and there are often opportunities to upgrade to the later versions at very good prices.

Earlier this year I spent a couple of months researching alignment and there are several threads I started on various forums about the subject as well as a great deal by other people, I do not have any links to hand but a web search will turn up a lot of information.
The consensus was that different alignments can make a difference but it varies from system to system and on home computers any difference is often so small it cannot be noticed.
As far as Windows goes 7 and usually Vista will fresh install to a sector aligned position, XP-SP3 will sometimes install with this alignment but XP-SP2 and earlier usually do not. I never looked at Linux.

My interest in alignment arose when the Paragon Alignment Tool was offered for free. If you have not come across it have a look.

One other thing that I will mention is that most operating systems, both Linux and Windows can create their own partitions to suit their needs for space and format, so unless you are dual-booting it can be best to install the OS first and then consider the question of additional partitions.
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