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Thanks for answering the questions, it's much appreciated.

The reason I asked if your partnership with WOT would continue is because I used a search engine similar to this in the past, Scandoo, but it fell by the wayside and is now no longer available at all. I found it useful to use with browsers that didn't support add-ons and I've been hoping that someone would come up with an alternative to that, you have, and it's better. So I'm just hoping your search engine will be available without the need for add-ons in the future.

Trust. What I meant by that was the WOT ratings, I wasn't referring to the search results themselves being trusted. People are used to using WOT, but with the add-on. So I just wanted you to clarify that this search engine works in the same way in rating safe sites as the WOT add-on does .. not to clarify it for everyone, but for anyone who might be reading this and maybe wasn't too sure, making them a little reluctant to use it.

I actually think this search engine is better because it's filtering out the nasty stuff to begin with, it takes away the option to click on anything that WOT rates as a red site, plus you get more in depth search results. So for anyone, say for instance, who has youngsters using the PC it provides another little layer of extra security, they can't click on anything that may be malicious if it isn't there, and I'm all for that.

That's the point I've been trying to get at all along, it's not just about some of us being able to use various browsers with no WOT support more safely with this search engine, although it's extremely useful for that. But it's more about others being able to filter out content from their searches, no matter which browser they use, kind of like you can with a parental filter. At least, that's the way I see it so I reckon you're providing a good service here.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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