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Originally Posted by deya View Post
@SurfCanyon, .. I have a few questions regarding the search engine.

1) Am I right in thinking that the search engine filters out all the WOT red rated links from the search results? .. I've still yet to come across a red icon.
Yes, you are correct. There are checkboxes at the top of the page that you may toggle should you wish to see the results with a red icon.

2) Can you explain the reason why the search engine performs differently [in showing the WOT icons] with browsers using the Trident engine? .. IE, Spleipnir, Maxthon etc.
We're going to have to get back to you on this one.

3) Does the search engine work just the same for those who prefer not to use add-ons or plug-ins in their browser? .. obviously apart from blocking sites.
Our search engine, located at, is completely independent from the add-on. Our add-on, located at, is required only if you'd like to see our product - real-time personalized search - directly on top of Google, Bing and Yahoo! when you're searching on one of those engines.

4) Is your partnership with WOT and ongoing thing, and will the joint search engine be developed any further?
The people at WOT are fantastic and we certainly hope to be able to continue to work with them for a long time. As far as development is concerned, we're constantly working on new ways to improve our search engine, whether that be back-end algorithmic changes to enhance relevancy or front-end UI features. Should anyone have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

I've done a bit of reading up on the concept of Surf Canyon search and I'm using it more now, it does bring up some great search results. But the thing that will concern the people who read and use this website and forum more is can it be trusted in the same way as they trust their search results with the WOT add-on?
If you're interested in reading about the technical details regarding what we're doing, I'd invite you to take a look at There's also a link to our research paper, which was published by SIGIR this year, if you're extremely motivated.

"Trust" can mean a whole host of different things, so if you wouldn't mind clarify what you mean by that I'd appreciate it. Naturally, we believe that no one should have any problem trusting our search results, but we want to make sure that we do everything we can in that regard.

On a personal note, for me to be able to view the WOT ratings in browsers that don't support the add-on is really good, and very useful. So thanks for that, I'm glad I came across the search engine .. [eventually]
Fantastic! We're thrilled to be of service.
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