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Smile Selecting underlying search engine

Originally Posted by vasa1 View Post
Great! So please clear up this point if you don't mind: when I do a search using this link provided by deya, the bottom of the results page has a logo seeming to indicate that the Bing engine was used (by default). Is there a way (without downloading a plug-in) that I can enjoy the facility of surfcanyon with the Google engine? Do you have a separate URL for doing searches via the Google engine?
Thank you for posting this question. Currently, we use both Bing and Yahoo!, however, users are assigned randomly to one or the other. So two questions:

1) What would you think of using Yahoo!?
2) What would you think if we enabled users to select (perhaps via URL parameter) the underlying search engine that they wanted to use?

As for Google, we currently don't have a solution. If we're ever able to get it then we'll certainly plug it in.
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