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"Well, I think you´ve drawn those little green rings on after because they´re not all the same size" ... found it under Gizmos best free little coloured ring drawing tool, works every time.

I went back and looked at the write up here about it, on the main site. This what it says in the review;

"Its site ratings are being used to filter search results here: Surf Canyon/Bing WOT secure search (you need to have scripts enabled for it to filter the search results and wait a second if you have a slow connection since it filters after the search results appear)"

I can't quite fathom out if that refers to WOT in general, or to the search engine specifically, but could the clue as to why you can't get it work lie there somewhere?

Maybe something in your Spleipnir settings that's set different to mine? I've tried all kinds of different security setting permutations, but I can't get it not to work.
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