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I have done research and this is what I have found so far...

1. Can mix drive manufacturers on the same PC but the drive interface must be the same, e.g. SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. for drive copy purposes

2. When copying a smaller HDD to a larger one, resize partitions proportionately to expand the partitions to their new sizes on the larger disk, if not you end up with space on the new drive as unallocated (this option is not available in all software)

3.The BIOS that shows support for 'Removable Drives' does not necessarily mean that a USB external HDD is supported as a boot device

4.After a HDD to HDD copy: a jumper may have to be reset to make the new drive the master (check manufacturer's install instructions)

Item #3 kills my scenario 2 plan. I am now considering getting another internal HDD (larger) for this purpose, which means I will have to get my XP system copied over to the new device somehow (preload, no Win disks). I use windows backup and restore (hmmm, challenge looming). Time to research dual boot.

Item #2: I had not given much thought to the software until I found this. I need to find some freeware software that will do the resizing (and sector by sector cloning looks like a requirement too).

I think my scenario #1 is probably dead also. I am going to have to determine if I want to put W7/32 or W7/64 on this PC. I still need an external HDD for backups, so my research continues on that front.

Researching for ROTs are at least making me rethink my scenarios (they turned out to be dumb ideas actually).
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