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I am not in favor of the silent updates feature, which Mozilla have supposedly taken from Google Chrome. I would like to know about the updates that are being done, and the changes that have been made. I want things to be in my hand.

Also, I think this feature would introduce another process in Firefox, like the Google updater that Chrome has. I really dislike those kinds of processes that always run in background, and take up unnecessary memory.

I read the article and it says that a wide number of users have complained that Firefox updates too often. These are the people that want that the software should just keep running and not bother them with updates and all. These are the people which are not bothered about security and all. Even if such users are wide in number, I don't think its a good idea to just introduce this service because of such demands.

With changing trends, I think Mozilla will incorporate this, and it surely is a bad news, at least for me. The good thing though is that Mozilla will keep the silent update optional. I think I will opt to be reminded first.

Still, this is a change I dislike.

With growing competition, Mozilla are following the copy-trend, which is not good, and which I did not wanted to see Mozilla taking up... but sigh, nothing can't be done. Everywhere it is the same... just follow the trend.
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