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Originally Posted by 26Dolphins View Post

Is it cross-checked that if you have Foxit installed and do the update from within the program, it won't try any funny things?
I've installed it on my brother's machine and since I can't find the .msi installer was thinking of switching him over to the portable version.
If you update your bro using the program updater, I am sure there will
not be anything funny. When you make the program check for available
updates, it will show a list of updates that will include the newest version,
always located at the bottom and all other updates availables(which I
never install any) including the horrible Ask toolbar. So update using the
program updater and your brother will be OK.
What I am saying its true if you had installed the "slim" version but I dont
know what will happen if you actually have the regular version installed.
If you need the msi updater for version 4, I can upload it for you, let me

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