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Originally Posted by cheep View Post
you mean like this ?
Just a notification:
1.This tutor will work just for drive C: ,So Install your favorite Windows XP (sp2 or sp3) in drive C: ...
So, this might present some trouble for systemcrash as he said:
Originally Posted by systemcrash View Post
I made tweaks to my system that work such as moving program files, The Documents and settings folder ect. And certain registry tweaks to make my computer fast at shutting down and hardening against hacks ect.

My computer uses 3 Partitions. ... make a full image of my drives and partitions with the registry tweaks, then when i go to restore a computer all i would have to do is get it to restore the complete image, Then it will make the partitions size them and install everything. The only thing i would have to do is resize the paritions if there bigger then the size of the imaged one. and check for updates to the programs and hotfixes that installed
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