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Thanks a lot 26Dolphins. That link was really helpful! It mentions that the 3-day trial expired is a bug. It should convert itself to the freeware version when the 3-day trial expires. This happens when the user deliberately chooses the trial(which I did). The post mentions that the bug will fixed soon.

The same thread contained a link to another page where it says that the bug had been fixed in the beta update of 18th July. Emsisoft Anti-malware was released on 19th July, and the changelog says that the License bug has been fixed. But, seems like it has not been fixed yet . Seems like I will have to post on their forum about this.

Thanks a lot for the AppRemover link. You have mentioned it before too I think. I have also seen its mention on various blogs, and download sites. I will download it now. Seems like a good time to try it out .
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