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@torresmagnifico ... Does WOT not work at all, not even in your search results?

I still get the greyed out toolbar icon at start up sometimes (not always) so what I do is wait for Luna to load my homepage (which is set to Google) then click to change the engine to WebKit, then Trident, then back to Gecko and the toolbar icon then goes green and works without a problem. It works every time. You should get the WOT ratings in Google search results even if the icon is greyed out though, and WOT does block bad sites.

Try this; From the Gecko drop down menu select 'Extended Mode (Gecko)', then from tools go to options and clear recent history .. cache, cookies, etc. and see if that helps. I can't fathom out why but it works for me, keeping the cache cleaned seems to be the answer, though I may be wrong. Aslo, when I use Extended Gecko Mode WOT works perfect, no greying out, just like in FF.

I've not tried KeyScrambler with Luna, I don't use many add ons so I can't help you there, sorry. I did install LinkExtend and that worked perfect but it's anothe toolbar so I took it off, but it did display the site rankings etc.

WOT won't display site ratings in the Luna tv search (the default homepage) it has to be Google .. or Bing, Dogpile, Ixquick .. it works in all of those.
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