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Okay, just a couple of observations with the WOT issue. I can't really see that CCleaner can be the fix because Luna isn't supported, but maybe it's cleaning something in the temp files?

I've run Glary Utilities a couple of times after using and closing Luna, it turned up several [17 then 14] registry issues, all WOT related. Cleaned them up both times, started Luna and the WOT toolbar icon is green until the Google [homepage] loads .. then it goes grey again. Click through the rendering engines and back to Gecko [which is set as default] and it goes green and starts working every time.

Also, if I open and close Seamonkey [my default browser] clearing all private data on exit, then load Luna, the WOT icon works. Sounds odd, but if I do that it works.

I installed the Click&Clean add-on to Luna in an attempt to clean the data on exit but it knocked the WOT toolbar icon out .. just grey all the time again. Unistalled Click&Clean and it worked again, so maybe there could be add-on conflicts? The only other add-on I have in Luna is Adblock Plus, which is working well with WOT.

@ MC. I'm glad you updated this thread today because I believe this is a seriously good browser, one that will benefit me on a daily basis. Gizmo's strikes again .. so cheers for that.
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