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I've managed to get WOT working now, although the toolbar icon is still greyed out sometimes when I load the browser, but if I click through the rendering engines and back to Gecko it starts working. This seems to work better having run CCleaner before loading Lunascape for some reason. Not ideal but it's a minor thing for now. The WOT rankings work for search results in Bing, Ixquick, Ask, Yahoo etc, so I'm more than happy with that.

Also, if you use the Gecko drop down menu and select 'Extended Mode (Gecko)' you'll get Firefox within Lunascape, all the add-ons work the same, including WOT. Use the 'quick menu' at the far right and select 'large screen' or 'full screen' and it's Firefox. Mouse over above the tabs bar and the Lunascape toolbar re appears so you can change the settings back again. Very clever.

I know it's quite a large install, but it's running lighter and just as fast as FF or Opera for me. I've been using it, on and off when time has permitted, for most of today and haven't had one crash .. nothing. I'm impressed with this release, it's way better than before. Getting WOT to work is the icing on the cake for me, that's the clincher, and I like the right click option on the tabs, it even has a basic screen capture tool, plus mouse gestures as standard.

This to me is what a browser should be, you can configure 'til your heart's content so it should suit everyone. I really hope they keep up the good work in developing it more.
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