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I downloaded the 'full' installer, installed it and it shows just over 123mb of used disc space, but it does run very light in terms of memory and CPU.

I've got AdBlock working fine, the WOT button on the toolbar is greyed out though, but for me the site rankings [icons] are showing correctly in the Google search results, including images. I got it to work after setting Google as the homepage. So WOT seems to be working in the opposite way for me to how it's working for you, MC. I've tried a couple of sites that I know to have a poor WOT rating and it blocks them.

I've got Gecko set as default engine and I've tried various settings adjustments but still no way can I get the WOT toolbar button to show any other colour than grey.

I've tried this browser [Lunascape] several times in the past, saw this thread today and decided to give it another go. It has advanced since last I tried it, I like it so I'll stick with for a bit and see how it goes because it's a good browser.
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