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This browser was updated again just over a week ago and the new version now supports a lot more mozilla extensions (providing you choose to work with the Gecko engine). I don't use that many but NoScript and Adblock Plus work fine.
I can't get W.O.T. to display ratings for search results but it does install onto the toolbar and correctly rates individual sites with a click as you open them.

The developers have obviously put a lot of effort into this and now it's beginning to show. Not everyone needs to switch between Gecko, Trident and WebKit all day but if you do, well then here it is. Been trying all afternoon to break it and can't which is more than can be said for the latest Chrome clones.

Worth another look, even if you tried a previous version.
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I should add that (apart from the non-standard skin) this is quite a minimalistic setup. This is a hugely configurable browser and there's about another 100 buttons you can add to the toolbars if you're that way inclined
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