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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I was secretly praying that Firefox do not go the way of looking like Chrome, but its going to happen. First Opera did it, and now Firefox. I like Firefox the way it is presently, and I don't know if I will like the new look of Firefox or not...
Though the default setting is for the tabs on top, but in FF4, you have an option to set the tabs below the address bar.

FF has a better presentation of tabs, it has a minimum width for each tab and not like Chrome which squeezes tab widths when too many opened.

For all browsers, I prefer they will not take up more than 3 lines at the top, less is better.

For Chrome, I have these 3 lines on top: tabs line, address bar and bookmark bar.

For FF4, the default is also 3 lines on top: Title bar, tabs line and address bar. But if I set the bookmark bar to show up, it then has 4 lines.
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