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I was secretly praying that Firefox do not go the way of looking like Chrome, but its going to happen. First Opera did it, and now Firefox. I like Firefox the way it is presently, and I don't know if I will like the new look of Firefox or not. I was hoping that Firefox would stay original, and not copy the design of Chrome, like Opera did. But well, its happening everywhere... one thing works and others start following it too.

I liked tabs on Firefox, because how many you open, the tabs would still show nicely. But, in Chrome based browsers, you open a lot of tabs, and you can't see which tab is what. I really hope that does not happen with the new design of Firefox. Atleast its good that they have kept the option of Menu to show. If we don't like the new look, we can always change it.

One another thing going to change is the add-on manager. It will be revamped, and if I have read correctly, installing or uninstalling extensions won't require a restart of browser anymore. That will be a really good thing, which Firefox users always wanted. That will be the thing I will be looking forward to. Lets see what other features they come up with. I just wish it continues to be my browser of choice.
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