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Originally Posted by lonny View Post
Why have so many distros jumped off the Titanic Ubuntu ship.

And returned to Home Port Debian, in a speedboat.

Two examples: Mepis, Linux Mint

I run puppy linux off a usb stick and I love it. I also have Ubuntu loaded on another USB stick and can boot to it just fine I can also save my settings.

However my main linux platform remains Mepis. It resides on my second internal hardrive. I just can't justify a reason for switching to Ubuntu. bells and whistles aside Ubuntu just is not as stable as Mepis. I know there are plenty counter views to this statement but Mepis has just always worked for me.

I look at Ubuntu as a slick looking production car. Sadly whats under the hood leaves much to be desired. I will take stability that comes with Mepis any day over Ubuntu's latest and greatest.

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