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I found this suggestion:
"PN: For myself, it is not really a question of what it is about the Debian Squeeze release in particular, but more a question about the different approaches taken by the Debian and Ubuntu projects. Unlike the Ubuntu project, Debian does not have a commercial sponsor with any commercial interests. This was never an issue for myself, until recently when Canonical seem to have become less of a sponsor and more of a governing party; I know this is debatable, but I believe that some of their recent decisions might not necessarily have been made with the best interest of their users/community at heart.

From a less political perspective, the Ubuntu project is geared towards producing a polished end-user system. The Ubuntu developers make changes to Debian packages to achieve this goal. These changes often cause problems for derivative projects such CrunchBang. Therefore, the obvious thing to do to negate these problems was to make the switch to Debian.

Also, I would not like for anyone to misunderstand my words and so I think I should point out that I do not think there is anything wrong with the Ubuntu project. As a full Ubuntu member myself, I believe that the project has admirable goals. I am particularly in favour of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct document, both because of what it stands for and because of what has been achieved because of it."

Here: http://reddevil62-techhead.blogspot....-explains.html
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