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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
To play DIVX or avi movies, you can install the XVID codec. Its very small and works really well. If some movies still do not work, then you can install the DIVX codec. Mind you, only the codec, because if you get the DIVX bundle, it is a large install. For sound, you can install the AC3 codec. It takes care of sound for most movies, and is really small. For playing real media, and quick time media formats, you can install Real Alternative, and Quick Time Alternative.
This is from other thread :

Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
If the file has downloaded correctly, and is good... but still not able to play, then you should either download the Xvid codec, or DivX codec. One of this codec is required to be on the system, in order to play AVI movies.
Above two posts of mine are not opposite, or conflicting? Please point out why you feel so? .

In both of them, I have told that, if you are not able to play AVI movies, then you should install the Xvid Codec, or the DivX codec. I install Xvid codec, because its small in size and works well. But, some AVI movies require DivX codec, so it can be installed too. It comes bundled with DivX player... so its quite heavy... but I think you can choose not to install the player, or other things... just the codec. The codec may be available as standalone, but I am not sure, or don't remember.

As J.L. said, AVG is not considered to be a good antivirus nowadays. You can install the others which J.L. suggested.

2 GB hard disk is too small to work with. I don't know how you are able to manage things on it. Its too hard.

If you require a Word like software to work on, you can try Jarte, or Abiword. Both are very good.

Please do not install OpenCandy. Its not needed to run MediaInfo. Its an extra piece of software which comes bundled with MediaInfo. Its better not to select it, when you install MediaInfo.
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