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Originally Posted by labelle View Post
Hello again Anupam,

Is the above not the exact opposite to what you told me?
I too have an Acer Aspire 29302 and yes it's full of crap i cant get rid of. Its only a 2g so space is at a premium. I need a word program to edit my c.V. as i'm looking for work, but i cant get the office suite removed.The only things ive managed to delete are the games.I dread to think of the amount of stuff i cant see.I've had to system restore twice as i have had maLaware problems, so i'l need the room to install some decent protection. I have AVG 0.9 at present. I dont like vista and we tried to remove it and install XP but again we failed. Is there a quick fix that a novice like myself could tackle? I hate to keep bothering my brother as he has "Found Love" and therefore useless at present lol.

Try PC Decrapifier to remove all the junk. Also use CCleaner after that.

As for AVG, it's not doing so well these days. Avira, Avast, MSE, and Panda Cloud are better imo.

As for good security setup advice:
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