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Hi everyone,

Today I had the "pleasure" of seeing plugin-container.exe run, with dom.ipc.plugins.enabled still set to "false".
As bo.elam said, I noticed it running after I watched a youtube video - though I can't remember if I didn't watch any over the past days.
The annoying think is that it doesn't close after you're done with using any of the plugins it controls.
Since I never had an issue with plugins crashing Firefox, I did a little test: watched the same video with & without it. Results:
1. Firefox consumes at least 15MB less memory without it.
2. Firefox drops memory usage when the video is done without it, while with it, it (obviously) stays the same + plugin-container.exe in memory with dropped usage but not zero.
I also find it strange that nobody regards plugin-container.exe staying in memory as a bug.

As Anupam said, Mozilla released today version 3.6.6 - I wonder if updating Firefox will get you default settings.

Reading the posts in the Mozillazine Forum, the only conclusion one can draw is: with the same settings, experience varies for no apparent reason.

Too bad the Knowledge Base for the about:config entries isn't updated yet.

We'll see,
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