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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
Concerned user, I am like you,old fashioned/conservative, not liking the
extra processes but as long as it does not break my browsing or crash
the browser I guess I ll live with the changes. I know a lot of people are
frustrated with the thing and are complaining. It took me a couple of days
to get use to it but I am OK with it now. I was reading something about
the next version,3.6.6, and it said that there are more changes coming
so when that version comes out I am going to wait it out for a few days.
There is not going to be a 3.6.5 unless they need to make a quick update
to 3.6.4.
I will take a look at bartab. My PC memory is fine but it looks like a nice
I think that unless you have your browser misbehaving you should leave the
settings on default. My FF has never crashed on Youtube so the container is
not going to help me much but your case is different. You mentioned crashes
on Youtube and Metacafe so the container will help you on those rare
Agree with you! I've enabled it again. Let's see how it behaves...
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