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grf the getPlusPlus for Adobe is what I got rid of by using HJT.
I think it got installed with this Flash update. I remember reading
a few months ago that the Java deployment toolkit was very
dangerous so I disabled it and afterward I decided to get rid of
Java altogether. I have never installed anything with the Google
pack but I think that's what the Google update is. If that's the
case then you can uninstall it from add/remove programs. I would
do it. Your Java is old and I personally decided to get rid of it a
while back but if you want to use it then update it to the latest
version. I also use Foxit but never installed the plugin for the PDF
to be open on the browser. I might be wrong but I think is safer
to open it as a PDF file instead of in the browser. Your shockwave
is outdated also. I personally got rid of that thing for good but if
you are going to keep it then update it.
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