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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
What you think MC can they restrict speed on ALL sites but allow full
speed on selected ones? Like speedtest,speakeasy and their own speed
test page.

I'm sure that the technology must exist for this and no doubt they will be happy to apply it in the knowledge that no one will stop them even if the legislation exists.

Just as another example, we've just bought a house here with a fair chink of jungle (they called it "the garden" ) attached to it. We already knew this was a protected area but weren't bothered because we wanted to have the trees anyway. Without even being asked though, the local mayor official who came out to assess the IPTU offered me a license to chop the trees for 500 reais. This sort of stuff is all alien to me being from the UK but my wife of course has lived with it always.

I'm just not going to bother with Claro any more because in a couple of weeks or so I should be connected to Oi's landline net.
Buy a Hoover and prove technology sucks.
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