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Hi MC thanks for your reply. Claro is also my provider as of now and
I always end up having to go to top mgmt. in order to get what I
pay for. I always get it at the end but I feel real bad knowing that
most people are not getting what they pay for. I am hard headed
so I call everybody and give them hell for a while until they give up
and give me the contracted speed. I always threaten them with going
higher and higher and they get tired of me before I get tired of them.
When my speed is a mess I usually take pictures of files been DL
and I send them to the right people so they ll know that they should
not play with me.
What you think MC can they restrict speed on ALL sites but allow full
speed on selected ones? Like speedtest,speakeasy and their own speed
test page.
Claro is a big company and you should go to them and show them that
you know that you are not getting what you pay for so you get the speed
that you contracted. I think I beat Claro because I just got home a little
while ago and DL a few files and my DL speed is about 210 Kilobytes. This
is the 4th night on a row that I got my speed back so I think I won but
I wont let my guard down with this people.
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