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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
For the last 3 nights my speed is back but this is the third provider
that I have had the same fight. At the end I always win but its tire

It's the same here in Brazil. I'm not even sure if any government legislation for services exists here but even if it does it sure ain't applied which about sums up Brazil full stop

Until my recent move we had no landline options at the old address so I was forced to use the Claro wireless. Having read so many complaints about the bandwidth provided I opted for the lowest 256 to be sure of getting mine! Even so, every day during peak periods the HSDPA service disappears and I only have EDGE, and at least twice a day the whole service is switched off. When you ring to complain, the child slave at the other end of the phone knows nothing, can do nothing and seems to care little anyway. Here, the most consistent service providers are the smaller private ISP's but most of these tend to package TV as well which is something I don't want. I've now just applied for a landline connection with Oi which was formerly Telemar, the Brazil state owned service before privatisation. As far as I can tell, I'm still unlikely to get the full bandwidth paid for but at least the connection itself will remain stable.

If you have such things as consumer pressure groups in Nicaragua, you could try contacting them.
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