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Default Can Internet providers restrict speed on most sites?

I live in Nicaragua, Central America and every time I move with a
new Internet provider I have to fight with them in order to get
the speed contracted. In my country the best speed available is
2MB and that's what I contracted with my present provider and I
did get that speed for the first couple of months but from May 15
to 3 days ago my speed from 2PM to 9PM was like 128Kilobits to 512
Kilobits. The funny thing is that if they came to my home and ran
Speedtest,Speakeasy or their own speed test page the results are
surprisingly perfect. So I am thinking that this people restrict speed
on all sites during the time I mentioned but do allow it on certain sites,
like the ones they use to fool people when they complain about not
getting the speed contracted. Can they do this? Can they restrict
speed on all sites but allow it to the max on specific sites?
For the last 3 nights my speed is back but this is the third provider
that I have had the same fight. At the end I always win but its tire

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