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Registry cleaners might be useful software for people who are experienced with computers, and its intricacies. Such people can easily look at the registry entries, and decide if those should be removed. But, for average people, registry cleaners are dangerous tools to use. If used blindly, these can cause system crash, and may even render the system unbootable. Even if you backup the registry before performing a registry cleaning, if the system becomes unbootable, the backup is not of much use. Also, in terms of increasing performance, registry cleaners have not been proven yet. Even experts say, that registry cleaners do not increase system performance.

Therefore, although, we have a Best Free Registry Cleaner article on TSA, we do not recommend registry cleaners for average users. Average users are better off without using these software. There are some registry cleaners, which are considered quite safe, like CCleaner, and Eusing... but still, if used blindly, they may still cause damage.
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