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Originally Posted by J.L. View Post
Have you (Opus) noticed any positive change in terms of performance and stability, especially in later Windows OS versions?
This falls more in the realm of stability than performance. When you have a registry that is 25MB, shaving one or two megs does not make much difference. But it is helpful to remove old entries from software installs and uninstalls gone wrong. It is incredible how much gets left behind when you remove some applications--both on disk and in the registry. (Winamp is one of the worst culprits I have ever seen for this.) This is because many installs are written as custom apps or with old or buggy installers that do a great job getting things in but a terrible one pulling them out again.

A few months ago, I needed to uninstall a large database management application by Quest Software. This program's install had loaded numerous individual components of various kinds, but a "full" uninstall only removed most of those components. After running the uninstall, two components that were left behind refused to uninstall. They each complained that they were essential components for the main app, and neither component's uninstall was detecting that the main app had already gone. I finally had to manually remove their files and certain registry entries and then use a registry cleaner to clean-up all of the flotsam and jetsam of the components in the registry. The beauty of the registry cleaner was that it could trace all of the little tendrils of the removed programs in the registry much more quickly and accurately than I could have manually.

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