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Hmmn, it seems there is no mention of disk imaging, which I find very valuable in case of emergencies (or any issues really).
It basically backs up your entire system, including everything you've installed and your configurations, anytime you want. After restoring, your system reverts back its previous state.
With a boot/recovery cd, you can restore it while your system is unbootable.

I agree with Opus that schedule re-installing is not advisable, and Google is a great resource for troubleshooting.
Originally Posted by Opus View Post
I have and use a registry cleaner. Certain ones work very well, and it is advisable to clean the registry at least once a month and after uninstalling a major application or a group of apps
I don't really agree with the registry cleaning though, is it really necessary? Have you (Opus) noticed any positive change in terms of performance and stability, especially in later Windows OS versions?

Anyhow, I'd personally recommend troubleshooting, it isn't that hard with the power of the internet. If the problem doesn't seem fixable, then you can restore to a previous disk image.

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