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I am sorry, but I am recommending that we close this thread. Because of the ethical issues involved I don't believe this ought to be pursued any further. I believe the "kalyway leopard" disk that you mention, is a illegally distributed copy of the OS and that is out-right piracy. Even if you have your own illegal copy it is still very questionable. We don't condone any type of piracy on this site.

In the reading I just did about the kalyway disk you mentioned I found that in order to install a normal copy OS X you must find a way to break the encryption built into the disk. This under the DMCA circumvention of copy protection systems can be considered a crime. For more details see here.

Might I recommend you looking into Linux. We have a lot of people that can help you here with the various versions of Linux. Ubuntu and other Linux distributions can fairly easily made to look like and function like a Mac OS. It is free and perfectly legal. Besides that, almost all the software you could ever want to run is free as well. The newest Ubuntu 10.4 looks very nice and is very pleasant to use. You might be interested in looking at this video.
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